Haylee Schäfer

Developer • Web-Designer
__.___ years old • The girl who never sleeps! • Overwatch <3 #MercyMain

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Hey! I'm inventivetalent and you've found my website, yay!
I recently moved on to Web design and development of websites, backend systems and standalone software as my main interest. I also try to maintain some plugins on

The best way to contact me is via Twitter. I'm usually also on the Spigot IRC #inventivetalent for longer conversations.

I'm currently maintaining projects like
Spiget, a JSON API for SpigotMC resources and authors
and Mineskin, a generator for custom Minecraft skin textures.
There are also a few side projects like a Web Renderer to take screenshots of websites and a website with some tools that aren't guaranteed to work properly at all ;)

I probably also spend way too much time playing Overwatch - I'm called Yeleha on there, should we ever meet :)